Advances Made in The development of ABClean Online Training course

Development of ABClean's content material is well on the way, as partners succesfully developed 4 of 7 modules of the training course.

The e-learning course will be equivalent to a level 4 qualification on the EQF. It will consist of short 'bitesize' modules. The course will be developed in Moodle internationally recognised open source software suitable for e-learning.

The course will include:

  • Interactive activities to engage the learner

  • Colourful imagery e.g. diagrams, photographs which are relevant to the audience and sector

  • Videos

  • Case studies

  • Memo game

  • Printable certificate which will be printed by the AB Clean learner upon completion of the e-learning modules

Access to the course will be available with password/logins dedicated to each learner. So far just a dedicated access for partners organizations has been created for testing, with module one uploaded. The online modules will train the future ABClean managers, supporting them in the acquisition of knowledge, skills and competences at EQF level 4. This will allow them to undertake their role properly ensuring correct management of asbestos in all cycles.

The ABClean "work safer" set of learning resources which will have a “train the trainers” dimension, to enable the trained H&S coordinator to become a reference in their company. The safer work set will contain checklists, best practices, relevant vocabulary in all partners’ languages.

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