Project partners meet in Lodz, Poland

On April 23th and 24th of April, partners of the ABClean meeting met in Lodz, Poland, to review the advancements of their project, hosted by Nofer Institute of Occupational Medicine.

About 100 participants already completed the ABClean pilot course among the participating countries, and the first results are very encouraging. The level of satisfaction is positive, and participant significantly raised their level of knowledge regarding the asbestos issue. A few improvements were discussed to be added to the online course, and partners organised the production of the Work Safer Set, printed materials which will be distributed to the participants to the course and will complete the training thanks to best practices, FAQ sheets and checklists.

Now that the project is reaching its ends, partners also focused their attention on the wide dissemination of the project results. A EU Conference will be organised in September in Brussels to present the project to a large audience, and national events will be organised in several partner countries to present the course to stakeholders and potential trainees. 

admin | 19/06/2015 09:38:20