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Web link GreenPoint Project 

The project "GreenPoint" aims at creating a new competent environmental figure for the metalworking sector, specially focusing on SMEs with low qualified workers, in order to foster a green working culture within the sector and to provide new qualified staff, able to manage the environmental performance of the business.

Web link LearningMentor Project


The project “LearningMentor” aimed at developing a qualification for learning mentors who serve as the contact person in the company for questions regarding vocational education. As part of the company they know about work requirements and working conditions. The handbooks provide detailed information about the role and function of a learning mentor, a professional profile and learning materials.  

Web link Guidance Dialogue Project


This project “GuidanceDialogue” set out to develop guidelines for the educational guidance process and seeks to contribute to the improvement of the connections between the educational sectors, particularly vocational and further education. The guidance process is meant to be organized in a subject-oriented, neutral and provider- independent way. As part of the project, four handouts were developed which will support practitioners and actors from the educational sector. The main aim of the handouts is to help the key actors and practitioners to claim for and to offer high quality guidance.

Web link e-SKILL Project


The main objective of e-SKILL project was to improve construction workers’ competences, especially environmental skills, through the development of an IT-based training package and by a transnational approach, boosting a new green culture in the sector, helping standardise training and skills throughout Europe and promoting recognition of construction workers’ qualifications.

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