ABClean Final conference in Brussel

The final conference of ABClean lifelong learning program project was held on 10th of September 2015 in the European Economic and Social Committee in Brussels. The concluding conference participants discussed the ABClean project and activities, the pilot training results, further promotion, dissemination action plans, examples of good practices and current issues about asbestos damage to health.

Head of Construction Mechansation Division and the Vocational Trainer Andrius Šipkinas from Public Organization Vilnius Jeruzales Labour Market Training Centre made a presentation about the ABClean project pilot training results.

Pilot training in the asbestos related Work and Safety was carried out in Lithuania, the United Kingdom, Spain, Poland, Italy and Finland.

The number of trainees which completed pilot training – 126 (Great Britain – 31, Lithuania – 49, Spain – 23, Poland – 21, Finland - 2).

Trainees reported that they were satisfied with this way of training for the following reasons: short training time, comprehensive, informative and vivid information about asbestos and about the safety organisation.

On 15th and 16th of September 2015, Public Organization Vilnius Jeruzalem Labour Market Training Centre conducted information seminar for training school students who carry out various construction works (plumbers, electricians, decorators, roofers). Informative workshop attended more than twenty trainees and was led by Andrius Šipkinas.

In two day seminar vocational training students were introduced about asbestos, its harmful effect to health, how to identify asbestos or it containing materials in the workplace, the organisation of work and safety requirements.

Also, during the seminar ABClean project and a pilot training platform were presented. Seminar trainees got ABClean publicity and dissemination tools (poster, safety organization guides, USB keys with relevant information about the ABClean project and bags with ABClean project logos).

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